Saturday, January 30, 2010


Hello all..welcome new followers..don't be strangers! today was interesting. After a long day of serving people...and opening a savings account at a credit union...I had to deal with some drama that got started all because niggas don't know how to keep their mouths SHUT!!! So I came across this cartoon and it needs to be shared because I feel like I'm in a similar situation but with opposite results:

You know with Valentine's Day coming up, I'm sure many guys will be finding ways to start conflict with their significant other so that they don't have to spend a lot a, or do much for their partner...don't act like you didn't know people do that...but anyway. When conflict arises in your relationship, most people's reaction is to leave, or create distance. NEWS FLASH: THIS ONLY MAKES THE PROBLEM WORSE!

It doesn't create more closeness or make the other person want you more, or make the issues go away; it just creates a wall and builds up animosity in the relationship. When a problem or conflict arises, its best to stop being defensive, set your ego to the side, and try to work whatever it is out. THAT'S IF THE PERSON IS WORTH IT!!

Today so many people only want the easy road to everything, including relationships, but the real is, CONFLICT helps you grow in ANY relationship, its the ones who know how to handle it properly that end up lasting "Long-Term"...That's what I'm striving for. I want to be able to handle conflict without it handling me...

I want someone who understands and wants that as well...

Now go run and tell that... THAT IS ALL!!


@SecretDiary said...

Lack of communication kills most relationship. Never go to bed angry at each other ==> make peace b4 bedtime. Relationship "problems" are best solved in the library, public park, or restaurant => there'd be no cheap shots, interrupting, name calling or raising of voices. U'd be embarrassed if anyone saw u screaming, throwing things or using stiletto as a dagger, and,.....there'd be no "u always ..." or "u never ..."