Sunday, December 27, 2009


Helloo!!!! How was everyones Christmas?? Mine was ok. I got to see some fam which is always great. I didn't eat much at all for some reason though, guess I wasn't in the mood to stuff my face like a pig. ANYWAY!! I didn't expect anything so what I got was great (that's how I keep myself from being dissapointed). Got money, jewelery, gift cards, and a few other random things. Thankful most of all for the gift of life and redemption. Thank you GOD!!

Well, after much deliberation, I have decided which tattoo it'll be...Drum Roll PLEASE!!


Yep, this is it. I love it cus it's small and it has a lot of meaning ::Musically:: Now I just need to figure out where I'm going to put it. (NO TRAMP STAMPS FOR ME THOUGH) Lol...I'm super hyped about it that I don't even care anymore if it'll hurt! It will be a new edition to the new Tiffanie in 2010...I'm making a lot of changes in my life starting with the people in it, what I pursue, how I handle my money and some peronal issues within my character that need some adjustment. I'm ready for this year to be over just because this has been a pretty horrible year for me. Almost NOTHING went my way in I won't miss this year at all..SO LONG 2009, HEEELLLOOOO 2010!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


GOODMORNIG!! Its Christmas Eve people!!! I'm super hyped about it. Tonight I'm going to a christmas party at my lovey bestfriend "Kristine aka:Chicken's" house in LA and I'm sooooo ready to just laugh, release some stress and talk about the latest drama or excitement in our know! Lol..
What are everyones plans for Christmas?? I know New Years isn't for a week but if you got plans for those too feel free to share =)

WELLLLL....I've decided that 2010 will be the year I get my first tattoo!! I'm super excited but crazy scared! Lol...I'm not good with pain (well at least not THAT kind of pain) Hahahaha...jkjk ..But uh, I have it narrowed down to two designs and I just want yalls input. WHICH one and WHERE should I put it?!?!

::Choice Number One::

Sooo sexy right? Now, of course I would NEVER get one this big, I would have them make a mini, baby size one for me. Lol...I'm brave, but NOT that brave!! Its pretty self-explanatory...I LOVE MUSIC and SINGING so it would only be right to represent that (for me at least). So what do you think??

::Choice Number Two::

OK, now this is the next one. I think its adorable. I like it because its small, but still holds the same significance with the Bass Clef and Tremble Clef notes...UGHHhh...Love it! My only problem is I don't really know where I want to put it. ANYWHO...these are the two choices. I know for sure that it will be one of these two and that its something I would still want on my body when I'm old and grey. ( don't crack anyway so I'll still be good) LOL....I'm stupid, I know...its the dork in me. I be tryin to keep her quiet but she gets out every once and a

Sooo, let me know what yall think. I need FULL PARTICIPATION PLEASE!! THANKS ;-)

OH! As you may, or may not have seen, I started a TWITTER! Now, I use to be the BIGGEST HATER of this site but I found so many family memebers on it that I'm there to stay for awhile. So! If you have one FOLLOW ME and I'll be sure to return the favor! ;-)

Monday, December 21, 2009


Hola! Its me miss me?! I'm sure. Lol jk jk....But uh my friend sent me this video of this FEMALE (you'll understand why I capitalize that once you see the video) and I was confused, disgusted, and at the same time, couldn't stop laughing!!! This just set "us" back as a people a few decades, that's for sure but watch this nonsense! Lol..

STUPID FUNNY RIGHT?!? Why the heck was she breathing like that??? I don't know if I should be laughing that hard at her because I don't know if she's "slow" or not. But she had me DYING talkin bout some "This is for the LADDDIIIEEESSS!!" HAHAHA...yall better get on it quick!! LMAO

But ANYWAY! As I've mentioned before, my iPhone is my life! keeps me "connected" and in the "know" ;-) but lately I've been OBSESSED with this new app called "I AM T-PAIN" its a app that allows you to record songs with AUTO-TUNE straight though the headphones/headphones! Super tight right...ok so I made a lil free-style song to one of the beats on there and thought I'd share it with all of you lovelys =)

Its a little hard to hear so you gotta listen close! Lol...let me know what you think though. Just click on the link and it should play it directly through the website. ENJOY!!


Helloooo and Goooodmorning!! Its a great day because I'm alive and well, everything's not perfect or going ANYWHERE NEAR the way I wish it would but hey...a lot of people have it worse so I can't complain. Anywho!! I've been hearing about this Nikki Minaj chick that everyone is so hyped up about and what I've seen of her isn't any different than what the rest of these no talent having females are doing.


So while I was looking over one of my newest followers blog: Planet Pro-tron I came across a poem that her little sister wrote, and I was impressed to say the least. I loved it so much I had to share it. To me, it's important to question some of the images and personas we glamorize, so read it and let me know what you think!

Barbie Bitch (Spoken Word)

When I grow up
I wanna be ignorant.
I wanna answer to guys that approach me like
'yo shawty u real fly and so wassup can I hit'

I wanna be the ignant bitch,
you know the one that laugh and smile
and bite my bottom lip,
cuz I'm so happy that he treats me just like the next chick.

But that’s all I can expect
Imitating girls like Nicki Minaj, Trina
And lil Kim, I wanna be
Just like them!

Gosh! I sing that song like I’m getting paid for it
I sing that song like I wrote that song!
And I don’t see nothing wrong
With not knowing that
Phenomenal Woman was a poem
written by Maya Angelou

I wanna be ignorant to my natural beauty and self esteem,
Im gonna be the most selfish thing.
I want prada, jimmy choos and bling
I want gold and DIAMOND RINGS!

And I’m willing to sell my pride for it,
Willing to disgrace
My race for it
As long as theres something there
To cover up the stench of my shit.
Maybelline, Loreal, Cover girl

What about that
Beautiful little girl?
That you’ve tried so hard to conceal
With your bronze concealer

And it will never be revealed that
you’re too smart for this
But ignorance is still bliss.
You just want your fifteen
Minutes of fame.

Lacking pride, dignity, and shame
So you’re happy
That you have 3 kids
With 3 different pappies.
And you’re in the club every week
Smiling, all the guys know you as the town freak

I heard you all the way down the street.
When I grow up
I wanna be ignant.

I wanna be so called “raping the government”
On all types of assistance,
27 with faith that
I’m still gonna be a supermodel someday

Nevermind the fact that
Welfare paying for
Yo kids to eat
While you outside
Giving him head in the backseat
Of his ride.

Oblivious of the fact your kids are watching you
Through the blinds inside.
And have the nerve wonder
Why yo daughter call herself “humping”
At the tender age of nine.

Can’t blame it on BET this time.
When I grow up
I wanna be ignant
I wanna be self absorbed
And vain,

Because it’s the easiest way
To numb the pain
Of the heartaches
And the heartbreaks
DD implants help me
Overcompensate for not
being able to "conversate "

And so I grew up
To be what I’ve always wished.
Because ignorance
Truly is bliss.

©2009 Modia

Ahhh!! Crazy right?! I love favorite stansa is the one that starts with "Can't blame BET...[and ends with] Intellectually" Just wonderful what do you think??

Thursday, December 17, 2009

THE SKY IS FALLING!!! ...Oh wait, nevermind.

Yeah, so I'm bored...yes I know I've been MIA once again. ANYWAY!! I've been working and going through lifes many set backs, ups/downs, (I swear I feel bipolar these days)...I try to keep a smile on my face and keep telling myself that "better days are gonna come" but, some days I feel like just staying in my bed and throwing my iPhone FAR FAR AWAY!! (only in theory...sadly enough, that iPhone is my life!! lol) but lately I've been feeling real BLAH....I want to snap out of it but nothing is going my way and I feel like I'm in quicksand -the more I make moves, the further I sink.

I think it could be due to the fact, as a result, (yes you read correctly! lol) because Bryson (the sexy beast in the previous posts) is in a rout..and naturally it affects me because he's not his usual bubbly and witty self. He gets distant and has a "whatever" attitude about everything, INCLUDING ME!! Ugh...I didn't even do anything! Or at least I don't think I I swear guys are just as moody if not more than some of us females. So I've just been taking a backseat and waiting till he feels like telling me what's going on or until he deals with whatever he's going through on his own (which is usually the case). I hate it, but hey it is what it is...I've learned to stop fighting his process and just be there for him when he's ready.

I know some of you are wondering what about the book?!? "Change your Mindset, Not your Man"...I've finished the first part and will be posting a synopsis soon. Its just that I've been SUPER side tracked with this ECLIPSE book, you know, the Twilight saga!?! Its freaking AMAZING and I'm almost done so yeah...while we are on the subject. Am I the only one that is obsessed with this crap?!? It brings out the whimpering romantic in me. I WANT TO BE BELLA (well, minus all the parts where ppl/vampires, and whatnot try to kill her) lol..I would love having someone like Edward..with the body of Jacob!! hahaha the best of both worlds!! Ahh..If only us mere mortals could experience true love in this way..I'd give all my shoes for it!! AND I LOVE SHOES!!! hahaha...

Speaking of which, when I get in these funks I SHOP! haha..bad habit I know, but hey it makes me feel better in some ways. These are the latest victims :

Ugh...aren't they HOT!?! I have an addiction I know but hey, I couldn't pass these up when I saw them on the Forever XXI website. And they were only $36.80!!!

I'm a total sucker for some bomb shoes so they helped me get outta my funk for a lil bit but what I really need is my Care Bear. I'm going out to see him for New Years Eve and it'll be the first time I'm not in a church "Watch Night Service" ever! It should be interesting, not to mention I'll get my first ever new years kiss!!! HECK FREAKIN YEAH!! Haha...I know I sound like a dork but I really don't care! I'm 22yrs old and never been anywhere besides in a church on New Years Eve, which explains why I've never had a New Years kiss because that would be kinda awkward to do in church! Lol...anywho, I need some romance and love in my life and I need it soon. The fall and winter seasons are always better when you have a special someone to share it with and unfortunately my special someone lives in another state...but I'm starting an official countdown..2WEEKS starting today! Yesssss.... *praying* "Lord please let the time go by fast, but not on your special day cus that's pretty important, Thanks!"

As always, I love you for reading and extra love for those who comment ;-) I hope everyone has had a good week and is on their way to an even better weekend...

Oh P.S.!! For the new followers, please be advised, this is a
No followers only looking to gain more popularity...YOU WILL BE DELETED!! Hahahaha...Thanks! ;-)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

EUREKA!!! Definitely a MUST READ...

LADIES!!! I have found a book that so far seems like it is going to change my life and the way I view relationships!! Now I've noticed that a lot of us females are going through similar situations when it comes to love and relationships right now. I have decided to start a discussion group through this book and I suggest that every woman, following me or not, go and get this book:

"Change Your Mindset, NOT YOUR MAN"
By, Sally B. Watkins.

I picked this book up at Barnes&Noble a couple nights ago and I felt obligated to share this discovery. I have read tons of "self-help" books but this one is different. The author says that if any of these statements sound like you, then this book is a MUST READ!!
  • You are disappointed with your current relationship
  • You ended precious relationships because he didn't measure up to what you wanted.
  • You have failed to fix your relationship by explaining to him what you need and want to be happy.
  • You have tried seld-help books and couples' counseling but they didn't correct the problem.
  • He seems to improve for a while after you complain to him, but eventually goes back to his old ways.
  • You argue with him about his behavior and both of you end up feeling angry, upset, and distant.
  • You feel hopless about changing him to e the way you want - the way you believe he was when you first met.
  • You are sick and tired of always feeling angry, negative, hurt, upset, and irritated about your relationship.
  • You view other women as happier in their relationship and more successful in creating a relationship than you have been.
  • You believe that he has the ability to be a better partner but is too lazy or indifferent, or has other priorities.
  • If feels as though you are the only one trying to improve the relationship.
  • Most of your relationships end up the same way, with the same types of problems or issues, even though they seem different at first.
  • Your partner doesn't see the same problems in the relationship that you do.
  • You wonder if your relationship is salvagable or if it's just too far gone.
It's like she took the feelings and words RIGHT OUT OF YOUR MIND/MOUTH RIGHT?!? Well, that's surely how I felt. There are 14 Chapters separated into 3 Parts. I plan to write an entry for each part and for those of you who are reading along we can discuss the book, share thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Hopefully we can enlighten one another and pick out parts of the book that confuse, teach, or give us some serious insight.

Do I seem real excited about this? If you can't tell, I REALLY AM!! Lol...I'm so ready to better understand my emotions and how "women react emotionally not to what happens but to the meaning they give it in their minds" (pg. 38). Ughh...this book is great and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it! So who's going to take this journey with me??

I've provided a link to Barnes&Noble where you can find the book and price (about $10).