Thursday, December 17, 2009

THE SKY IS FALLING!!! ...Oh wait, nevermind.

Yeah, so I'm bored...yes I know I've been MIA once again. ANYWAY!! I've been working and going through lifes many set backs, ups/downs, (I swear I feel bipolar these days)...I try to keep a smile on my face and keep telling myself that "better days are gonna come" but, some days I feel like just staying in my bed and throwing my iPhone FAR FAR AWAY!! (only in theory...sadly enough, that iPhone is my life!! lol) but lately I've been feeling real BLAH....I want to snap out of it but nothing is going my way and I feel like I'm in quicksand -the more I make moves, the further I sink.

I think it could be due to the fact, as a result, (yes you read correctly! lol) because Bryson (the sexy beast in the previous posts) is in a rout..and naturally it affects me because he's not his usual bubbly and witty self. He gets distant and has a "whatever" attitude about everything, INCLUDING ME!! Ugh...I didn't even do anything! Or at least I don't think I I swear guys are just as moody if not more than some of us females. So I've just been taking a backseat and waiting till he feels like telling me what's going on or until he deals with whatever he's going through on his own (which is usually the case). I hate it, but hey it is what it is...I've learned to stop fighting his process and just be there for him when he's ready.

I know some of you are wondering what about the book?!? "Change your Mindset, Not your Man"...I've finished the first part and will be posting a synopsis soon. Its just that I've been SUPER side tracked with this ECLIPSE book, you know, the Twilight saga!?! Its freaking AMAZING and I'm almost done so yeah...while we are on the subject. Am I the only one that is obsessed with this crap?!? It brings out the whimpering romantic in me. I WANT TO BE BELLA (well, minus all the parts where ppl/vampires, and whatnot try to kill her) lol..I would love having someone like Edward..with the body of Jacob!! hahaha the best of both worlds!! Ahh..If only us mere mortals could experience true love in this way..I'd give all my shoes for it!! AND I LOVE SHOES!!! hahaha...

Speaking of which, when I get in these funks I SHOP! haha..bad habit I know, but hey it makes me feel better in some ways. These are the latest victims :

Ugh...aren't they HOT!?! I have an addiction I know but hey, I couldn't pass these up when I saw them on the Forever XXI website. And they were only $36.80!!!

I'm a total sucker for some bomb shoes so they helped me get outta my funk for a lil bit but what I really need is my Care Bear. I'm going out to see him for New Years Eve and it'll be the first time I'm not in a church "Watch Night Service" ever! It should be interesting, not to mention I'll get my first ever new years kiss!!! HECK FREAKIN YEAH!! Haha...I know I sound like a dork but I really don't care! I'm 22yrs old and never been anywhere besides in a church on New Years Eve, which explains why I've never had a New Years kiss because that would be kinda awkward to do in church! Lol...anywho, I need some romance and love in my life and I need it soon. The fall and winter seasons are always better when you have a special someone to share it with and unfortunately my special someone lives in another state...but I'm starting an official countdown..2WEEKS starting today! Yesssss.... *praying* "Lord please let the time go by fast, but not on your special day cus that's pretty important, Thanks!"

As always, I love you for reading and extra love for those who comment ;-) I hope everyone has had a good week and is on their way to an even better weekend...

Oh P.S.!! For the new followers, please be advised, this is a
No followers only looking to gain more popularity...YOU WILL BE DELETED!! Hahahaha...Thanks! ;-)


Tricia said...

Sometimes i think men are just as moody as we are, i guess we just have to them stay in their caves till they feel better or just be there for them! I hope you get your New Years kiss!
I love those shoes!
Merry Christmas!

Dashanae said...

Mann those days when yaa jus dnt wannaa do a thing and dntt wanna care about muchh. Jus gotta takee it day by dayy.
Lovee thosee shoesss!!

and yess ppl always sleepp on Gabrielle Union!