Wednesday, December 2, 2009

EUREKA!!! Definitely a MUST READ...

LADIES!!! I have found a book that so far seems like it is going to change my life and the way I view relationships!! Now I've noticed that a lot of us females are going through similar situations when it comes to love and relationships right now. I have decided to start a discussion group through this book and I suggest that every woman, following me or not, go and get this book:

"Change Your Mindset, NOT YOUR MAN"
By, Sally B. Watkins.

I picked this book up at Barnes&Noble a couple nights ago and I felt obligated to share this discovery. I have read tons of "self-help" books but this one is different. The author says that if any of these statements sound like you, then this book is a MUST READ!!
  • You are disappointed with your current relationship
  • You ended precious relationships because he didn't measure up to what you wanted.
  • You have failed to fix your relationship by explaining to him what you need and want to be happy.
  • You have tried seld-help books and couples' counseling but they didn't correct the problem.
  • He seems to improve for a while after you complain to him, but eventually goes back to his old ways.
  • You argue with him about his behavior and both of you end up feeling angry, upset, and distant.
  • You feel hopless about changing him to e the way you want - the way you believe he was when you first met.
  • You are sick and tired of always feeling angry, negative, hurt, upset, and irritated about your relationship.
  • You view other women as happier in their relationship and more successful in creating a relationship than you have been.
  • You believe that he has the ability to be a better partner but is too lazy or indifferent, or has other priorities.
  • If feels as though you are the only one trying to improve the relationship.
  • Most of your relationships end up the same way, with the same types of problems or issues, even though they seem different at first.
  • Your partner doesn't see the same problems in the relationship that you do.
  • You wonder if your relationship is salvagable or if it's just too far gone.
It's like she took the feelings and words RIGHT OUT OF YOUR MIND/MOUTH RIGHT?!? Well, that's surely how I felt. There are 14 Chapters separated into 3 Parts. I plan to write an entry for each part and for those of you who are reading along we can discuss the book, share thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Hopefully we can enlighten one another and pick out parts of the book that confuse, teach, or give us some serious insight.

Do I seem real excited about this? If you can't tell, I REALLY AM!! Lol...I'm so ready to better understand my emotions and how "women react emotionally not to what happens but to the meaning they give it in their minds" (pg. 38). Ughh...this book is great and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it! So who's going to take this journey with me??

I've provided a link to Barnes&Noble where you can find the book and price (about $10).


Tricia said...

I will follow you on the series coz its true we somehow go through the same things

* ! zodiac ! * said...

im excited to hear what you have to say about the book and i believe in the titile completely, you have my follow ; )

HIP HOP said...

follow my blog and ill follow yours 100%

S Jones Aka Shirley said...

I Want This Book! :)

((Beautiful J U N K I E)) said...

i want this book toooo! omg!