Wednesday, May 5, 2010


*Monique Voice* HEEEYYYYY BABBIES!!! I was checking out some of my newest follower's blogs and I stubbled across the blog of Nick.In.Real.Lyfe ; and I must say I was quite impressed with what I read. One entry in particular made me go "Awwwwww!!!" you know ladies, that kinda awww that makes you wish all guys where this way. It was a poem that spoke of real love, and the kind of love that's real, not contrived. Well I wanted to promote his blog and encourage some no, ALL of you to check out his blog and FOLLOW HIM!! We need more REAL MALE BLOGGERS!! So without futher adieu...enjoy this poem by Nick called "That Kinda Love"

That Kinda Love...

I dont wanna think of love as this four letter word kinda thing
the plain ol I met you so lets exchange a ring kinda thing
then a year later you on devorce court wit judge mablean kinda thing
truth be told, i want that back in the day old type of love
that i wanna be with you until we old kinda love
i want that goin from fades and kinky twist braids to
bald heads and the good wig for sundays kinda love
i want that she down for me kinda love
that when im down on one knee strugglin to keep the heat
or a place to sleep she keeps me in one piece kinda love
i also want that im down for her kinda love
even the payin for the nails and hair or
the singin bear to show her i care kinda love
But we aint focused on the materialistic...
I want that lets kick it kinda love
that random i love you office visit kinda love
that hold her close til i can feel her pulse kinda love
i want that words cant come close to telling you
that i love you the most kinda love.
But most importantly, i want that devine kinda love
that our souls intertwine while having god in our mind
thanking him for taking the time
to help me find this dream girl of mines kinda love
Finally, i want that til the end of time kinda love
that when we make it to those pearly gates
you're still mines kinda love...

Posted by NickInRealLyfe at 6:54am