Monday, December 21, 2009


Helloooo and Goooodmorning!! Its a great day because I'm alive and well, everything's not perfect or going ANYWHERE NEAR the way I wish it would but hey...a lot of people have it worse so I can't complain. Anywho!! I've been hearing about this Nikki Minaj chick that everyone is so hyped up about and what I've seen of her isn't any different than what the rest of these no talent having females are doing.


So while I was looking over one of my newest followers blog: Planet Pro-tron I came across a poem that her little sister wrote, and I was impressed to say the least. I loved it so much I had to share it. To me, it's important to question some of the images and personas we glamorize, so read it and let me know what you think!

Barbie Bitch (Spoken Word)

When I grow up
I wanna be ignorant.
I wanna answer to guys that approach me like
'yo shawty u real fly and so wassup can I hit'

I wanna be the ignant bitch,
you know the one that laugh and smile
and bite my bottom lip,
cuz I'm so happy that he treats me just like the next chick.

But that’s all I can expect
Imitating girls like Nicki Minaj, Trina
And lil Kim, I wanna be
Just like them!

Gosh! I sing that song like I’m getting paid for it
I sing that song like I wrote that song!
And I don’t see nothing wrong
With not knowing that
Phenomenal Woman was a poem
written by Maya Angelou

I wanna be ignorant to my natural beauty and self esteem,
Im gonna be the most selfish thing.
I want prada, jimmy choos and bling
I want gold and DIAMOND RINGS!

And I’m willing to sell my pride for it,
Willing to disgrace
My race for it
As long as theres something there
To cover up the stench of my shit.
Maybelline, Loreal, Cover girl

What about that
Beautiful little girl?
That you’ve tried so hard to conceal
With your bronze concealer

And it will never be revealed that
you’re too smart for this
But ignorance is still bliss.
You just want your fifteen
Minutes of fame.

Lacking pride, dignity, and shame
So you’re happy
That you have 3 kids
With 3 different pappies.
And you’re in the club every week
Smiling, all the guys know you as the town freak

I heard you all the way down the street.
When I grow up
I wanna be ignant.

I wanna be so called “raping the government”
On all types of assistance,
27 with faith that
I’m still gonna be a supermodel someday

Nevermind the fact that
Welfare paying for
Yo kids to eat
While you outside
Giving him head in the backseat
Of his ride.

Oblivious of the fact your kids are watching you
Through the blinds inside.
And have the nerve wonder
Why yo daughter call herself “humping”
At the tender age of nine.

Can’t blame it on BET this time.
When I grow up
I wanna be ignant
I wanna be self absorbed
And vain,

Because it’s the easiest way
To numb the pain
Of the heartaches
And the heartbreaks
DD implants help me
Overcompensate for not
being able to "conversate "

And so I grew up
To be what I’ve always wished.
Because ignorance
Truly is bliss.

©2009 Modia

Ahhh!! Crazy right?! I love favorite stansa is the one that starts with "Can't blame BET...[and ends with] Intellectually" Just wonderful what do you think??


The- Damsel said...

I love this poem what a smart young girl. We need more positive female role models all these girls who have absolutly NO talent (rihanna,lil kim,melissa ford,lola, and the rest of the talentless video girls)are influencing young girls in such a negative way. I was just about to edit my post on this issue when i read this! NICE POST!!! love ur blog!

Sei'Lani Britagne said...

aww i love it :) glad there is still hope for the youth haha. its boiling down to the nitty gritty though. i'm glad i made it through with some sorta sense

LaDyK said...

WOW, there's so much truth impacted in this poem. I liked it a lot.

Val or Pro Brooklynite said...

you really did love this one huhn? lol... hey hun *waves*

Cat Hill said...

Whoa I likes I likes I might have 2 steal some pieces of it lol jk


kenoras said...

Hey sis, could please post this on my facebook as a note? i dont want it to seem like i just took it and post it on my page i will definitely write the source where i got it from.