Thursday, December 24, 2009


GOODMORNIG!! Its Christmas Eve people!!! I'm super hyped about it. Tonight I'm going to a christmas party at my lovey bestfriend "Kristine aka:Chicken's" house in LA and I'm sooooo ready to just laugh, release some stress and talk about the latest drama or excitement in our know! Lol..
What are everyones plans for Christmas?? I know New Years isn't for a week but if you got plans for those too feel free to share =)

WELLLLL....I've decided that 2010 will be the year I get my first tattoo!! I'm super excited but crazy scared! Lol...I'm not good with pain (well at least not THAT kind of pain) Hahahaha...jkjk ..But uh, I have it narrowed down to two designs and I just want yalls input. WHICH one and WHERE should I put it?!?!

::Choice Number One::

Sooo sexy right? Now, of course I would NEVER get one this big, I would have them make a mini, baby size one for me. Lol...I'm brave, but NOT that brave!! Its pretty self-explanatory...I LOVE MUSIC and SINGING so it would only be right to represent that (for me at least). So what do you think??

::Choice Number Two::

OK, now this is the next one. I think its adorable. I like it because its small, but still holds the same significance with the Bass Clef and Tremble Clef notes...UGHHhh...Love it! My only problem is I don't really know where I want to put it. ANYWHO...these are the two choices. I know for sure that it will be one of these two and that its something I would still want on my body when I'm old and grey. ( don't crack anyway so I'll still be good) LOL....I'm stupid, I know...its the dork in me. I be tryin to keep her quiet but she gets out every once and a

Sooo, let me know what yall think. I need FULL PARTICIPATION PLEASE!! THANKS ;-)

OH! As you may, or may not have seen, I started a TWITTER! Now, I use to be the BIGGEST HATER of this site but I found so many family memebers on it that I'm there to stay for awhile. So! If you have one FOLLOW ME and I'll be sure to return the favor! ;-)


the 'lil one named Kaily . said...

First off both are really cutee , buut I say go with the second one . I do like the first one , but I feel like it looks good big , like a side piece rather than it getting shrunk down . The second one is something you aren't going to see other people with &it still holds a strong meaning even with it being small . That's just my opinion though . &btw have fun at your party (:

Anonymous said...

i agree... they're both cute.. but i'd get the small one first. that way you could get the feel of "getting a tattoo" just in case... it hurts, or the you dont like the artist.

LaDyK said...

Hmmm I would say the 2nd one... You don't want to go to big on your first tattoo. Where to put it, where to put it? i guess it depends on if you want it visible or not. I'd say wrist...because as much as people think it's noticeable it's really not. I still have people asking me when did i get my trinity tattoo, and that's on my wrist.And you can cover it with like the thick bracelets and stuff. Another spot where it can be visible if you wear the right top is like close to your collar bone. It's a cute spot when you're wearing tanks and stuff. I have my purple butterfly there. It's like a peek a boo spot if you will :) I'm getting another one next year hopefully. Do you have Alicia's new album?! I want to get the intro tattooed on my lower back...not like tramp stamp status.. a little higher up from that area. With a flower blossoming..It's gonna be tight. LOL. But anyways, good luck on your tattoo girly. It's not as painful, as you may think... and it shouldnt take no longer then 20 minutes or so to get it done. You'll be fine ;)