Monday, December 21, 2009


Hola! Its me miss me?! I'm sure. Lol jk jk....But uh my friend sent me this video of this FEMALE (you'll understand why I capitalize that once you see the video) and I was confused, disgusted, and at the same time, couldn't stop laughing!!! This just set "us" back as a people a few decades, that's for sure but watch this nonsense! Lol..

STUPID FUNNY RIGHT?!? Why the heck was she breathing like that??? I don't know if I should be laughing that hard at her because I don't know if she's "slow" or not. But she had me DYING talkin bout some "This is for the LADDDIIIEEESSS!!" HAHAHA...yall better get on it quick!! LMAO

But ANYWAY! As I've mentioned before, my iPhone is my life! keeps me "connected" and in the "know" ;-) but lately I've been OBSESSED with this new app called "I AM T-PAIN" its a app that allows you to record songs with AUTO-TUNE straight though the headphones/headphones! Super tight right...ok so I made a lil free-style song to one of the beats on there and thought I'd share it with all of you lovelys =)

Its a little hard to hear so you gotta listen close! Lol...let me know what you think though. Just click on the link and it should play it directly through the website. ENJOY!!


Niku said...

girl that video was painful to look at, lmao. i couldnt watch it all.
im listening to your freestyle. it's cute! =]

Ms_Cr0ss said...

Aww thanks..but no you gotta watch the whole thing to hear her say "This is for the Ladddiiieeess!!" LMAO..too funny!