Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happier Days To Come...

Well yesterday was alot for me you could probably tell. But um...I'm not going to appologize because that's what my blog is vent and express myself freely without worrying about being boxed in by others expectations. So after doing a lot of thinking, I've started making moves toward my 2010 plan to be great. I filled out my FAFSA so law school here I come...please welcome me with open arms!! Lol The music thing will always be an ongoing process, gotta build some fans...How about you!!! Lol I'd appreciate it... But anywho I'll be posting some of my music up soon stay posted. Also, if you write, play, produce, record music and want to take care of some business...DON'T HESITATE TO HIT ME!!

In other vains...I had a very interesting convo with "HIM," at first we just started talking about problems like we normally do and just get frustrated with one another, then He paused, realizing that this stuff wasn't getting us anywhere and we decided to just put all the bs aside and just start new. To let go of the past and take everything that ever happened, that was negative, and just push it out the window with 2009. Now I know some of you may be thinking: "wait, after all that stuff you wrote yesterday he gets back in good graces like that?" The answer is, Yes, HELL YES!! It's like this poster I saw Withlove__Starz post earlier today:

You see, I love him. He's my heart. There's no one else I want. Even when he pisses me off I still wish he was here with me. When I feel like I can't stand him and that I just want to give up, my heart screams at me and tells me to please try once more. It's been about 3 years and my feelings just keep growing. I can't put my finger on exactly what it is that makes me so into him and boo all the other lames that come at me. That's my baby, my boo-thang, my sweetie, my CARE BEAR! Conflict can be healthy but we're both ready to just put that aside and get back to the peace in our relationship. I know that getting closer to God will only help this so I know that I need to hold myself more accountable for the things I do.

I'm so ready to start fresh. I want to be happy with him. There are so many other guys that try but just don't measure up. I'm excited and look forward to happier days with my saying that. I know nothing is perfect all the time but when I'm with him nothing else matters. This song says it best...listen to it and GOODNIGHT! As always...I love you for reading and double time for commenting!!