Monday, January 25, 2010


Hey hey hey!! You miss me? I've missed yall that's for sure. Lets just get right to it!

I took a VERY SPONTANEOUS trip to VEGAS with my BFF Kristine "Chicken" Thompson, friend Anastasia, cousin Zarinah and her friend...umm I forget her name. Lol.. ANYWHO, we talked about going but never made acutal plans so we just left it alone. But saturday morning, Kristine and I wake up and decide...LETS DO IT!! So we reserve a room at the Circus Circus for only $116.56 (split between 5 do that math!) greatness..then we get the "hook up" from her sister who works for Enterprise Rental Car (shout out to them!!) and we got a black on black jeep liberty, which was nice to drive but it can't whip like my lil black civic! lol hahhaha..

So we leave around 3, swoop up my cousin and her friend in San Bernardino by 3:30 and got to Vegas by 7:30...yeah I was speeding...SO!!! =P We stayed for 3days and 2nights...just enough. We were so excited to be there and were so ready to just let loose and have a good time. There are so many pics from the trip but I'll post a few.

So this is the first night. We didn't pay to get into ANY clubs and decided to hit up ALL the clubs in the Palms on Saturday.

From left to right: Me, Anastasia, Kristine, Zarinah. It was so crowded in the first club we went to that we just danced with each other till some LAMES tried to get all up in our know I had to shut that mess down...EXCUSE YOU!! Lol...
We were getttin' it on the dance floor I must say, but if only I had my boo-thang with me! Lol...I had the freak em' dress on and EVERYTHING!!

The night was so great I can't express how much fun we had. We didn't need a bunch of dudes to make us happy, even though there were a bunch of thirsty ones trying their hardest ALL NIGHT! It was fun just being silly and dancing around. The next day we went to a few shops, watched the Charger/Jet game and then to Fat Tuesdays!!! Great place to go and get a good drink that will last most of the day and have you feeling like this:

What we were laughing about...I couldn't even tell you because I simply DON'T REMEMBER!! hahaha.. That same night we went to this club called Vanity which should be called RACISM! Because they were definitely NOT trying to let us beautiful black women in their club, or any black person for that matter. We had to bum along with this white guy and two white girls just to get in and not stand in the GUEST LIST LINE for an hour...SMH...

Yeah I'm the amazon woman in the middle...SO!! Lol..but we had an awesome time and will definitely be making more spontaneous trips to a town near YOU! lol...ok maybe not, but hey you never know. Our next trip will be a cruise so WHO WANNA GO!?!

Moral of the trip: Don't let life get you stuck in the details of things, live your life as God gives it to you. Live in the moment of NOW! Don't wait till everything falls into place to make a decision. Step out and make life happen and work for you. I'm always cautious about the decisions I make but this year I'm embrassing the spirit of SPONTANEITY. You should do the only have one life to life. Live it to the fullest!


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