Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 EPIPHANY!! Let's Get It!

So this won't be long...I don't think. Anyway! New Years was coo. Got to see the man who has my heart and it was fun. Got my first ever new years kiss standing outside club PHX waiting over an hour and a half to get in...i'm not even gonna harp on that...but uh, overall it was a coo night. Here's a couple pics from inside the club ONCE WE FINALLY GOT IN!!

Yeah I was dressed in all black...very incognito. Lol.

So I stayed 3days and 3nights..good stuff. It was nice to get away from boring Temecula for a while and be with someone (other than my fam) that I really care about. Once I got back I was worried that things would once again go right back to the way there where but so far its not as bad as it usually is.

I've learned to just let it be and focus on me and my future. So I've decided that I'm definitely going to give law school another shot and try to get into this law school in diego for the fall of this year. While I do that I'm going to look into teaching. What grade, I'm not too sure yet. Any suggestions???

Then while I'm doing that I am going to do whatever I can as far as music is concerned. Writing more, getting some studio time in, singing hooks for random rappers, and possibly start a music myspace page just to get a fan base established. Music is what I would love to do for life but as my dad says..."Music doesn't get you health care, and benefits"... So while that may be my ultimate dream, my reality will have to be law school. Gotta think of my future here people...and time is getting away!!

I'll be 23 in March and though I have my B.A. already, I need a real job cus bartending is NOTgonna get me a house or stable living!! Plus Sallie Mae is on my BACK!! LoL...they are sooooo ready to get their money back. But is hard but I can handle it. Gotta get my "do whatever it takes" and "never give up till I win" mentality back in action. I'm ready...2010...lets go. Get on or GET OFF!!


Tammy said...

Please check out and follow my blog

You wont be disappointed...its worth the time.

((Beautiful J U N K I E)) said...

Hey Girl! whats ur email addy. i need some advice on somethin u posted awhile back. pls get back to me asap..thanks

LaDyK said...

Depending on how patient you are I'd say junior high would be a good area to teach. I mean they're at that awkward and the think i know everything stage, soooooo much patience is required LOL. ~shrug~ But I'm glad you're gonna give law school a shot. Do you and dream big, cause God's listening. Love you girl, and I'm glad you had a good time in AZ :)