Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nights Like These...Lyrical Foreplay

So, its nights like these when I wish I was somewhere else...somewhere secluded with someone special. I'm sittin up here listening to Trey Songz (Upstairs, Scratchin Me Up, You Belong To Me, Neighbors Know My Name), Chris Brown (Glow In The Dark), Pleasure P (Under), and R.Kelly (Number One).....enough said. Now that you know what kind of mood I'm in you get the picture. There's nothing I can do about it so before I go to sleep, here's some:


Nights like these I wait for you in my dreams

That’s the only place I can be free with you
The only place that can sustain the endless possibilities I want with you
Words don’t do my imagination justice

The things I want can only be demonstrated
Nothing contrived, love like mine is one of a kind
No need to be on cloud nine
They can’t support the weight of this desire
The constant yearning that’s only satisfied by you

I covet the sensation of your touch
Tasting you, smelling you, feeling you
Overtake my senses like only you can
Study my ins and outs; my body’s your playground
No time constraints, no rules
Just raw untainted passion

This love has no beginning or end
Just the balmy pulsating feeling of emptiness
Waiting for you to fill me up
I can feel your breath on my neck
The pressure from your body on my back

I pant heavily as the anticipation builds
I know its coming but you make me wait
Your hands take control finding spots I never knew existed
Grabbing me, you whisper “Are you ready?”
The arch in my back screams the answer

Our bodies steaming I pull you closer hoping you’ll let it go
Your excitement only makes my body clinch tighter

Massaging every inch of you
I pray this feeling never goes away
Inside me is where I need you to stay

Holding on till that moment comes
My heart beats faster and my legs start to shake
I can feel you getting deeper…the motion getting faster
…I open my mouth to scream but my eyes open instead
My pillow torn to shreds, I realize it was all in my head…


* ! zodiac ! * said...

that pic is makes me think

Dashanae said...

Absolutely Poetic, i like itt.
& Yes ntthn "gross" about Lance attt Alll.

thnkss For stopping By my Blogg.

DivaLicious said...

hey girl how are you, u didnt have a cbox so I couldn't write so Ill just write on ur blog loL! but thank you for the luv and yea I make my own layouts.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written!

DivaLicious said...

yea i make layouts for others depends on who and all