Friday, November 6, 2009

My First Cruise: Carnival Elation!!

Welcome back! As you can see I have been gone for a while, BUT WITH GOOD REASON!! Lol...I was on a family vaction for my parents 25th year anniversary. We took a 4 day cruise to Catalina Island, and Ensenada, Mexico. I was dying because I could not use my phone for almost a whole week!! But after the first couple days it was refreshing  to be free of technology (besides my digital cam) lol...While were there, we met some real cool people from Arizona. If we hadn't of linked up with them, my brother and I would have been BORED OUT OF OUR MINDS on the ship! So a quick "shout out" to Kwen, Quin, Chris, and Keldrick!!

Our first stop was Catalina and it was definately a pretty place but stupid expensive. Because the water was so shallow on the coastline, we had to take little boats from our ship to the island!! I was SCARED TO DEATH! This little boat was "rockin' that thang like, OOOOooooooo" but seriously, I was so afraid that the boat was going to just tip over and kill us all, but we made it safe and I got some GREAT pictures from it.

 When we got on the island we took little golf carts around the city and this is where one of the highlights of the trip happened!! So my brilliant brother thought it would be a great idea to jump out of the MOVING golf cart going DOWN HILL at about 15-20 MPH!! My brother is about 6'5, with long, lanky, he jumps out in an attempt to RUN ALONG the side of the cart and lets just say, it wasn't a happy landing!! Lol...I turn my head to see what happen and all I see is his legs flying in the air and tumbling to the ground. Thankfully, he wasn't seriously hurt, but it gave us a good laugh for the rest of the day.

We took a lot of pictures, way too many for me to post up on here so I'm just giving you all a few samples lol...But we had a great time in Catalina and I would definately go back just for a day because I found out that they do small day trips to Catalina from San Diego on a regular so I may have to take advantage of that sometime soon. Here's a pic of me and the fam right after we got off that little rinky-dink boat.
After another night of GREAT food and some semi-fun "clubbing" we headed to Ensenada!! I was excited that I would get to do some souvenir shopping but I was NOT ready for the nonsense that is the MEXICAN HUSTLE!!! As SOON as we stepped off the boat, they attacked us like vultures!! All the men kept calling me Beyonce and calling my dad and brother my body guards...I was so done. Lol...I got some cute stuff for me and my special buddies though. There was the most ri-DICK-ulous pharmacy stores that had the most bold and awkward signs. Case in point: Yes ladies and gents, that is a large super-viagra-man! Lol...I was rollin' when I saw this. I just thought it was a bit strange that hey had the American flag in the background of the pic like its some sort of American dream to have a know.

Another cute but strange thing they had were these large ramdom monkey statues on some of the corner streets. You know I had to take at least two pics with them! Lol I call this one Carlos. He's pretty fly as you can see. The other sexy beast I call Vivacious-Vi! There's a bit of resemblance in the body shapes don't you think? Lol jk...

I got this fake tattoo and it makes me want to get a real one sooooo bad but I'm SO afraid of the pain. I think I just might have to suck it up and just do it because I've been wanting one for quite some time now...but ANYWAY here's what my bootleg tattoo looked like.

So after our trip to Mexico, we headed back to San Diego. I was soooo ready to get off the boat by then and ready to turn my phone back on!! It went crazy when I turned it back on, I felt special for a minute. Lol...but overall, I had a great time. I'll definately be taking another cruise next year so who wanna go??? The more people (young people aka: 21-30) the better! LoL...But its such a couple thing/big group thing, I'm excited to do both soon
 ;-) ....

Thanks Mom&Dad for an awesome trip!! I love you guys. I'm back in the loop so lets get back at it...I'll leave you all wit my special towel doggie courtesy of our cabin stewart. Hasta Luego!!


LaDyK said...

Tattoo! Tattoo!. Do it Do it!! :) if you need someone there for moral support, I'll be glad to attend :)

astoldbybrody said...

loving ya tattoo...real sexy lil mamma

Jay Dreamer said...

wow! sounds like you have a nice trip :] great pics too!(that viagra thing is TOO funny! lol)
oh, i'm kinda scared of getting a tattoo also, but it prob'ly won't be that bad if you grit ur teeth and hold onto sumthin' XD

Shandra E...*the misses said...

Sounds like you had so much fun!!! I've been wanting to go back to Catalina for years!!! I've been to both places Once, but i need a vaca asap!

I was dying when you said they were following you around saying beyonce!! lmbo...a little boy at the orphanage called me destiny's child??!!

LMBO i'm assuming he meant kelly cuz i've heard it before, but WOW...funny story!