Tuesday, November 24, 2009

For All You BOOTLEG Bloggers!!

Welcome...I've been slacking I know...but look, I'm here now so lets get to what's on my mind right now. So I had a terrible shift today...the most RUDE, PICKY, LOUD, and CHEAP customers today, its like they were all directed to my section in the bar and there was nothing I could do about it...ANYWAY. That has me in a bit of a critical mood right now so bear with me.

Lately I've been a little annoyed with this blogging experience. I started this blog about a month ago and what I expected to happen was: I would write about stuff that was important to me or that, at least, was worth writing about and those who found it thought provoking or interesting would leave their perspectives, opinions, experiences, etc. HOWEVER, I've come to the conclusion that people are only worried about how many followers they get and not being an active blogger.

I know for me, I only follow blogs because they make me think or are interesting enough to make me want to comment and support them. For all of you who only follow in order to gain more followers, please, DON'T waste your time or mine. I'd rather have 2 followers that comment and get involved with the blogging experience than a bunch of random followers who don't participate at all. If you're one of the latter, FEEL FREE to STOP following me!!

I didn't want to go hard on some of you but I felt this needed to be said. I wonder if I'm the only one who feels this way...

ON A LIGHTER NOTE!! I can't wait for thanksgiving. I'm not going to eat myself sick but I am just ready to see my family, eat, play taboo, and just crack jokes on one another, just a bunch of family, friends, food and fun...the 4 F's...nothing greater. OOOoooo plus I MAY get to see that special someone so you know I'm excited about that! Lol...I'll let yall know how that goes, I still need to update you all on the status of that situation too..Anyway, I love you for reading! Till next time... XOXO


Tricia said...

Hi! First time here.
I've been blogging for awhile now and i blog about life, my everyday reflections..i blog for me but with the hope that someone will be inspired..
Its true it shouldn't be about followers..when we make it about that, we loose the point of it all
Happy Thanksgiving

Shandra E...*the misses said...

omg you're pretty! Are those blue nails?! ha! Me too! lol...i saw the pic to the side! But yes, i agree, everyone gets caught up in followers and i think, sometimes, the "real bloggers" do as well, once the comments slow up?! more followers hightens the propability of comments...not that I myself stress either (followers or comments).

On another note... Omg so yall play TABOO too?!! funny!!! We must agrue atleast twice every year because of that game! lol...& i love that everyone wants me on their team :)

lol, but when i play with "peers" they tend to be indifferent as they think i'll use too many "psychological/deep terms"??? lmbo, not even!

The C double O L kidd . said...

"I'd rather have 2 followers that comment and get involved with the blogging experience than a bunch of random followers who don't participate at all."

Girl I feel the exact same waaay .^^

Oh & lol yes postsecret is so bomb , i love that website . They update every sunday so make sure to check it out .

Sei'Lani Britagne said...

gaaaaahhh!i love taboo! even though im not sure if i suck or am dope love it! i just wrote a blog about the same follower mess. i never say thank you to those that follow, cuz its only like 3 people out of the followers that i am actually getting to know post by post of each others (if that makes sense) so i just say thanks to ya'll individually :)

Jay Dreamer said...

I completely feel the same way. I've blogging for months and only have half the followers you do. But I don't mind because they are very avid in commenting and supporting me and my writing :]

Well Hope you had FUN this Thanksgiving!
p.s- I LOVE taboo :)