Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Hey hey hey!!! So as you can tell today was a much better day for me. It's finally starting to look like fall/winter and I love it. Now, I just got back from seeing the Michael Jackson Tribute film: "This is It." My friend Montoya bought tickets and made me go with her. (She's a die hard fan of MJ). I must say, I did not want to go, not because I don't like MJ but I just wasn't really in the mood to see and hear a bunch of fans crying and having mental breakdowns in the movie theatre.

I respect MJ for his musical genius and how he has impacted the music industry and artistry as a whole. He truly was ahead of his time and should be remembered forever. I don't claim to be a super hardcore fan but I do know that he was a very talented man, no matter how many "personal issues" he may have had.

When the movie started, there were a few words scrolling up the screen talking about the video and its purpose. IMMEDIATELY people started crying!!! I was done. I turned to my friend and was like REALLY?? The first few seconds and it’s already a balling fest?? Lol...she laughed and I began to pray. I was hoping it wasn't going to be a video full of sad, sappy moments of MJ, and thankfully it wasn't.

The video was truly a documentary/behind the scenes look into the creation of what would be his last concert/performance. I was shocked to see a girl I sang with "Judith Hill" as one of the background singers. I was lightweight jealous but extremely proud to see her living out her dream. The concert would have been awesome. The dancers and the band was STUPID SICK!! They had this guitar player that was a white chick and she KILLED!! The video also showed the humble spirit of MJ, as well as his perfectionist side. He is truly a professional and takes every bit of his music seriously; making sure its the best rendition every time!

They showed the more human side of MJ, his quirky mannerisms and overall sweet and funny spirit. Though I did not want to go at first, I am happy that my friend made me go because it just reminded me how much talent he truly had and what an influence he still has on people today. Nowadays artists are lucky to have an impact past their first single! MJ has done so for decades and is still number one in his absence. Overall I enjoyed it and would recommend others to see it because it isn't a sappy film. It's a celebration of what he was creating and nothing more. All the drama was left out of it and you get to see MJ as he was: a pure ARTIST!!

That's all folks and in the words of MJ, "You gotta' let it SIMMER!!" LoL...I love you for reading and until next time...Goodnight!!


Jay Dreamer said...

wow, sounds good! i can't wait to see it. very nice blog, thanks for visiting mine! have a nice day! :]