Sunday, October 18, 2009

Let the Church say AMEN!!

Goodmorning...(to who ever is reading) lol. It's one of the best days of the week: SUNDAY! if you've already been to church to get some of God's word in you that's great, if you haven't make sure you find yourself in God's house sometime today. We'd all be nothing without God so at least give him this day to worship, praise and thank him with like-believers.

While we're on the subject of church and God. I saw a video yesterday that had me literally Laughing Out Loud! I'll post it so you all can take a look at it. It's a video of a man named "Brother Franklin" who takes the scripture "God loves a cheerful giver" to a WHOLE new level!!

After I got over the initial shock and hilarity of the video, I started to view it in a different light. At what can seem like an attempt to promote/exploit a man in hopes for church publicity, I wondered what it would be like if all churches took this same approach to giving. Of course there'd need to be a cap on how much pelvis thrusting and booty shaking one should be able to do LoL...but in all seriousness, shouldn't giving to God be a time of celebration?

Especially in times like these where the economy is being choked to death by "fat-cats," offering time in churches should be more than just a "passing of the basket" or "walk around the church." If more churches took a small piece of "Brother Franklin's" enthusiasm, pastor's wouldn't feel the need to pump and prime us to give what belongs to God in the first place. 10% is ALL he asks. Some churches might benefit from adding a little excitement to a time that, traditionally, can become complacent or mundane.

I can't say that I'll have the opportunity to dance the way Brother Franklin does the next time I give my tithes and offering to God LoL...but if I could, I WOULD! Don't get me wrong, I'm not expecting for churches to have a dance party in the middle of offering time, but it wouldn't hurt to make the time we thank and worship God with our giving a piquant event.

So with that being said, enjoy the video and THANK YOU Brother Franklin for inspiring me and helping me see that giving to God is a celebration that should truly be done with a Chearful Heart...Till next time. HAVE A BLESSED DAY!