Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Until You Get Here...

The anticipation that is building is becoming overwhelming.
My mind is consumed with the thought of you being here.
The warm embrace I want to give you, the sensual kiss I'm going to plant on you.

Never thought I'd feel this way...
Its safe to say I'm simply falling.
For a love that makes me smile, a love that makes the days worries seem mundane.

So until you get here I'll keep on dreaming.
Until you get here I'll keep on praying.
Until you get here I'll continue to imagine how good it'll feel to finally hold you in my arms.

Until you get here I'll think of what your caress will feel like.
I'll think of how good your skin on top of my skin will be.
I'll imagine how great our first kiss will be.
What our first words to each other might sound like, will you be as nervous as me?

I'm trying to pretend that you're here with me now...
But honestly I know the real deal will be so much more worth while.
I'm ready when you are...
I've played it over and over in my head.
The tension is high and I'm more than ready to give this love thing another try.

Never thought I'd say this but..
I have a feeling you're going to be my most important "Hi..."


Handsomemanson said...

I dig it. said...

Pic is ill too

Chloé Bradshaw said...

Great post, I know you'll love it xoxo