Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Trip to DC!!

Hellooooooo.....its been a while, but I'm sick with a killer fever so I've got time to blow and a few things on my mind but we'll start with my recent trip to DC about two weeks ago. I went with my bestie Kristine aka: Chicken to see a couple of our friends that we went to USD with (Danielle and KuKu). We had an amazing time and did so much in such little time but I'll post a few pics...

That's Kristine and I on board Virgin Airlines. Great airline to fly with!! We had hella snacks and our own tv's on the chairs and plenty of space. Definitely look into flying with them one day, the vibe was real chill and modern as you can see by the dim lighting and colorful roof.

The first night we didn't hesitate to get a taste of the DC night life. The first place we went to was a complete bust but the second place was CRACKIN!! Lol
From left to right: (Forgot her name), Kuku, Kristine, Me, Danielle.

We had a good time there but it was all kinds of HOT!! My hair was DONE by the end of the night Lol...
The next day we had a cookout and was DELICIOUS!!! Made specially by Danielle's Jamacian Lover!! LOL hahahaha ;-)

It was so pretty out there and I had everybody drunk off my "Silent Creeper" drink lol
That night we hit up a graduation house party then a club that was SUPER HYPED but EXTRA SMALL!!!
This is what I wore that night...front to back ;-) Lol

Freakin' Kuku never looks the right way!! Lol Gotta love her though.
Yeah all of our eyes were low by this much fun.
After the night finally ended and I hit the bed around 5:30AM!! Lol we spent the day in GeorgeTown and at this outside bar on the bay.

There are so many more pics but these are just a few I thought I'd share. I'll definitely have to visit DC again soon becuase I lowkey miss it already. Great company, food, and drink. Nothing better. Great weekend!!