Monday, June 14, 2010

Unstable Affair...

As I write this I just let my fingers go...
Let my mind do the talking because for once I'm not sure what to say
I can't seem to figure out this one thing that's on my mind
Can't seem to find the energy to sort out the mess that is has become
Not sure if I even want to try at this point

There are times we just have to stop...
I have lost myself in a situation of ever-changing spaces
A ever swinging pendulum of emotions
I can't lose my balance in this unstable affair
So I hold on to myself because I know I'll never leave me

I can be sure that I'll never hurt me
Well at least purposefully...
There are times we are just as much to blame
Letting someone in that we knew would be no good
Throwing caution of vulnerability to the wind

We don't realize our hands are just as bloody
The pain just as much ours as theirs...
So I apologize to my heart, to my feelings, to my emotions
I wore you on my sleeve and forgot to protect you
Let this naive notion of happily ever after fool me

I was duped into believing that my skeptical brain was insane
But I see that I've only hurt me by not protecting me...
So where to go from here?
No where
For now, just be.


Queni said...

nice blog


Anonymous said...

WOW... that was sooooo amazing, and inspiring.