Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Life : Fxcking with my Stability

Wow...I have totally abandoned my blog. This can't be healthy. Anyway I'm here so that's what matters I guess.

So much has happened.

That's really the best way to say it. Its funny how life can fxck with your stability. You think you've got life figured out then out of now where it slaps you across the face with a stench of reality.


I wonder sometimes if I'm dreaming or if life is one big PUNK'd show and God is Ashton Kutcher.

I hate to sound so jaded but for the past few years of my life, I've come to the conclusion that planning anything is pointless. Getting hyped over things you think you've set up for your life is a joke, because if it doesn't line up with God's ultimate plan it will be an utter DISASTER...

So with this new revolution, I've stopped expecting. I don't expect things to go right or wrong, I don't expect life to be smooth, I don't expect my plans to follow through, I don't expect for a prince charming to come and make things all better, I don't expect to find people who will be full of integrity, I don't expect people to do what they say they are going to do. I don't expect anything that would cause disappointment.

I'm done playing with life. I've waved the white flag a long time ago. I'm giving in to whatever it brings. Let things unfold, roll with the punches if you will.

 I just hope I'm strong enough for all these blows...


LaDyK said...

I think I came to the same conclusion a few nights ago. I need to stop planning, and trying to contol everything. I have control issues... It's real obvious sometimes, especially when it comes to my future. I'm learning to not expect anything when it comes to my future, and to literally live ONE day at a time and go with the flow. Love will come when it's suppose to, the right job will come when it's suppose to. Everything will happen when it's suppose to is what I'm currently learning.

It's funny how in high school our only plans were to graduate... and then we decided to go to college where our goal (and still my goal) is to graduate with a degree. People tell you you need to take this class and do this in order to achieve that. I wish someone would have taught me to go with the flow, to take things as they come and it's okay to not plan everything in life.

Yet some of those same people who tell you to plan things, also tell you expect the unexpected. Is there a way to integrate both ideas? I'm just wondering. I guess I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone Tiff :)