Thursday, April 29, 2010

Internet Dating?!

*Internet Dating__Cyber Dating__Technology Dating*

Do you do it? Know someone who does? How do you feel about it? I wanna know...

I saw this cartoon and it made me think of all the relationships or "partial relationships" that have been created through technology. With all the social networking sites, meeting someone at a local store, coffee shop, or mall seems like a thing of the past. Twitter, Skype, OovoO, Facebook, Myspace...the list goes on. But doesn't it make you think how much technology has changed us? It use to be taboo for a person to meet up with someone they met online but now a days it seems to be the norm...

I wonder if this style of dating actually works? I've often found myself in long distance relationships so technology is what usually holds my long distance situations going. My last 3 year relationship was with someone I originally met online...crazy right? That was a CRASH and BURN situtation though! Lol each is own I guess. But I thought I'd share this comic and see what you thought about it. So tell me what you think.

As always...I love you for reading and EVEN MORE for commenting!! Muahhh ;-)


Anonymous said...

Ive done it before. not once but twice and let me tell you this its not the best. i regreted it. and if i could take it back i most def will..

Anonymous said...

ahh i thinks it bull crapp
how yu gonna date someone on the internet
to mee its fake just like cyber sex.
no real emotion behind it
yu never really know someone till yu spend some reall time with them .

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