Friday, March 26, 2010



Ok so as yall know my BORN DAY was MARCH 20th!! You know I had to do it big. So we started the great weekend on Friday night at the Saddle Ranch in Universal City Walk and lets just say, I didn't leave the same way I came. Hahahahaha LOL

So I love my two girls! My bestie Kristine aka Chicken!! Then the lovely miss Anastasia!! They helped me bring in my bday friday night and it was too much say the least...*falls and all* ahhahahaha...yeah I was gone yall. And shoutout to my BROTHER for being the first to call and tell me happy birthday!! (I love him...greatest lil bro ever)...*side note: if you have a sibling or siblings, love them because they will be the ones there for you when you need them most...real talk*
We ended that night reaaalllll late but it was ok because the next day was the BIG DAY and we had to do some shopping cus I had MONEY TO BLOOOWWWW *Lil Wayne Voice* LOL ;-)

That night we went to Lucky Strikes as planned and had a BLAST no other way to bowl in my opinion...I had the greatest time! The ones who cared most were there and I couldn't ask for anything more. So shoutout to Kristine, Anastasia, Montoya, JLo Lo, Lisa, Janelle, Cherish, and to the sexiest mexican I know JOSE! hahaha ;-) But here was the pic of all of us that night!

Oh and you know I had to get some BORN DAY KISSES!!! LOL hahaha Yeah buddy...rollin' like a big shot!!

I had such a great are a couple more pics from the night:

So after a great night we woke up hella early to go to SIX FLAGS MAGIC MOUNTAIN!!
Best part about it is that we got our tickets FREE!! Yes, FREE!! we got hooked up by some guy in customer service...hahah gotta love it!

We got on just about EVERY ride in the park!! I swear I lost like 5 pounds walking around for like

Yeah...I swear we were just some big kids the whole day. Until that night!! Lol we hit up Lucky Strikes in Torrance *HELLA BLACK PEOPLE* It was great!! They have karaoke and happy hour on sunday nights and we will FOR SURE be making a trip out that way next weekend because it was just too much fun!!

So in all we had a great weekend. A born day to remember for sure!! Great people, food, drink, entertainment, and FREE STUFF!! hahaha.. Can't beat that!! But MOST importantly, I had to thank God for letting me see another year. So many didn't make it to 2010 but I have and I'm thankful. 23 years young and I'm just getting started...this world ain't ready..I'm such a MARTIAN!!! ^_~


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